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Many times in my life I felt I wasn't fulfilling myself, that I wasn't in my zone.

But in 2020 I couldn't take it anymore. After several months in a high tech job that was just not right for me,

I knew I had to leave - but I didn't dare. Not only did I not jump out of bed in the mornings, I also felt I was betraying myself.

I kept giving myself excuses for why I couldn't quit. Then, in the middle of the first lockdown, I couldn't take it anymore and quit my job.


After that I felt a lot of emotions, but above all I had the feeling that finally I'm listening to my heart. I didn't know what I was going to do for a living, and for the first time in my life I decided to take a break, and devote time for self development.

I started going to therapy and discovered it was really good for me. 


It took 2 months of therapy for me to start talking about my dreams. I shared that for years I have been dreaming of helping mothers fulfill themselves. It first came up when I became a mother myself, 10 years ago, and then came up again every time I participated in a retreat or gave a workshop.


During the years I made sure to lead at least a session or two in the Double You retreats and I always came out walking on a cloud. At the same time, I had a venture which helped entrepreneurs create material for investors, so that occasionally I gave workshops for entrepreneurs at IDC. During therapy it became clear; When I give workshops and help people fulfill their dreams, I am in my zone of genius. Time flies by, I'm on fire, I get filled with energy, and I feel alive. But how do I make this my main occupation? 

Could I start a business and tell people I give my own workshops? I didn't have the guts and didn't know where to start.

I decided to start with giving private sessions to my friends for free and see how that goes. Starting gradually worked for me.

I could try different methods with them, not stress since I wasn't charging yet, and I saw it helped everyone. Some of them felt better just by devoting time to talk about what they really wanted, and some of them really benefited from the methods I used for making their goals a reality.


After I realized my method works, I started charging for my sessions and ever since this is what I do; I help people fulfill themselves. After giving many workshops and facilitating dozens of processes, I can say that there is something in the energy of a group, the facilitation and exercises I give, our joint wisdom, that is hard to put into words - it does wonders.

People accomplish their goals, face their fears and limits, give and get help, support, advice, connections, and even become partners and friends along the way.

I am truly excited to do something I really love and believe in for a living.

I still have a way to go but I know I am on the right path, and I would love to help you find the right path for you as well.

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