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Nilli Donner

Zone of Genius

The workshop is based on a method developed by Gay Hendricks, the psychologist who wrote the book The Big Leap. We each have our Zone of Genius, things that we do easily and fill us with energy.


During the workshop we will discover what our strengths are, what our weaknesses are, and what we should invest our time in. This is an empowering session that brings the participants closer together.

It gives clarity and affects our work day.

Yael Abel

Head of Customer Success @Zooz

Nilli's Zone of Genius workshop was exactly what I needed for my team.

First, it helped my team get to know each other better and open up while

focusing on their strengths.

The session gave a new way of thinking about our day-to-day

and tools to improve our skills to become geniuses.

As a manager, the session made me rethink how I assign the team's tasks to improve their 

satisfaction and by doing so, their productivity. 

Nilli led the session with attention, intention, and positive energy. 

One pager workshop for entrepreneurs

In this practical workshop each participant creates their venture's one pager, based on best practices.

We will discuss the importance of the investor one pager, its uses and common mistakes.

The participants will build their own one pagers using the VCforU platform while learning which aspects in their ventures still need work.

Ofir Richman

Lecturer and Head of IDChub @IDC

In her lecture at IDChub of Adelson School of Entrepreneurship of IDC Herzliya she shared with us the importance of the "ONEPAGER", its goals, the importance of precise written communication and how to avoid common mistakes.

It was one of the best classes we had this semester, since the engagement of the students skyrocketed, or as we define it here: true active participation. 

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