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Nilli Donner

Goal fulfillment program

This is the program to set our plans in motion and make our dreams a reality. We will have weekly meetings with the group to see where we stand, what are our next steps and how we can help each other move forward to reach our goal.


We will brainstorm together, get help and support when needed, help each other with our wisdom, experience and connections. Each week we will also commit to what we'll get done by our next meeting, so we're accountable for each other and get our tasks done.

It's also fun :)

Sarah Reifschneider

This program allows us to have a weekly check in with a support team of brilliant people,

all ready to listen and engage with your dreams to come true.

This is held together by the intelligent and gentle Nilli.

She orchestrates the meetups and is asking the guiding questions - that help us get closer to our own inner wisdoms. It feels important to help one another, and ever more so important to help ourselves. I feel it is not about the goal- even though some might disagree-

I feel it is about the process, the commitment, being with your heart on the pulse and checking in with oneself “am I being true to my highest version of me” and the fact that I am committed to being that version of myself, this is this program for me.

1:1 Sessions

In my one on one sessions, we talk about your dreams and goals, and what your day to day life looks like today. Together, we come up with a plan to gradually start doing what you really want, and how to combine it in your current life, without rocking the boat.

I'd love to help you fulfil yourself and do what makes you come alive.

Meirav Kupperberg

I highly recommend fulfillment meetings with Nilli !

Nilli listens to the needs and thoughts that come up with great patience and creates a creative and space for personal work. Each time I walked out with a smile and enthusiasm to implement the decisions that came up. The meetings with Nilli helped me focus myself to make progress fast and to bring to life a vision I had. Highly recommended for whoever has something they want to fulfill.

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